Who are they?

They are 40 handcrafted Proton Pug PFPs.

What do they do?

Roll over, play dead, give a leg. These pugs are incapable of such things. Oh, you meant a roadmap. If you have a minute (or several) you can check the long explanation at the bottom.

When do they drop?

10 of them drop on June 17. That is Friday 17 at 15h00 UTC on the Proton Network. More will come gradually until we complete 40.

How much for the dog?

These are 100% pure pug breed... 90%?... Let's leave 'em at 75%. Our floor will start at 50 XUSDC. Keep it higher and full of newspapers.

Proof of work

The long explanation

Every Sunday the PUGS will dig for bones and deliver them to you.

Every Sunday you will receive $XPR from a pool.

When a PUG is adopted it will come with a boneyard.

Every time a PUG is adopted, a percentage of the drop is converted to $XPR and destined to several pools.

8% goes to this PUG's pool and 2% is sent to all adopted PUG's pools (including this one)

A long real life example

The 1st PUG was adopted and 3720 bones were reserved. 8% to its pool and 2% also to its pool (because there weren't any other PUGS) for a total of 3720 bones.

The 2nd PUG was adopted and 3720 bones were reserved. 8% to its pool and 2% to the 1st and 2nd pool. Now the 1st PUG pool has 4092 bones and the 2nd has 3348 bones.

The 3rd PUG was adopted and 3720 bones were reserved. 8% to its pool and 2% to the 1st, 2nd ad 3rd pool. Now the 1st PUG pool has 4340 bones, the 2nd has 3596 bones and the 3rd has 3224.

Are you seeing a pattern here? The earlier you adopt the more bones in your pool.

These are the number of bones per PUG at the moment (24/06/2022): 1st = 4524 // 2nd = 3780 // 3rd= 3408 // 4th= 3156

Cool, so how do i get them bones?

You will receive a 12th of the pool every Sunday. The pool will dry 3 months from now unless...

A new PUG gets adopted. Then everything recalculates and the pools restart to a 12th of the remaining bones. So 3 more months.

What happens if i sell?

We haven't figured that out yet. In the current way, you would loose privileges to the pool and it would go to the new owner.

Do i have to stake them somewhere?

PUGS don't like being confined so they can remain with their owners. This is passive mining. Contrary to your PUGS that are active as hell XD.

How can i track all this?

Each Sunday new adopted PUGS get 2 new attributes: Bones and Next dig. This way everyone can follow their progress with ease.