August 20 15:00 UTC: Main drop & Unpacking

Drop has started

A simpler time

RAWRicom Entertainment System is ready to bring you back to the past. A time when your friend, 2 controllers and tons of sugar was all that you needed.

The subset

This is a wrap of RAWR! series 1 highlights in a 16bit fashion. It will be a preminted pack and will be opened on our page.


We have 26 pieces in this subset:

S=Sweet - Max mint : 1 / E=Epic - Max mint : 50 / U=Uncommon - Max mint: 88

Immersys compatible

88 BattleLOAF / U are ready to be used as companions in Immersys, a 3d rising metaverse with very cool mechanics.


265 preminted packs. Each pack contains 4 digital cards. The packing is done using a weight algorithm. This is way fair than the alternative probabilitites algorithm. Retail price: 25 WAX.